Its important to have full Chiller control over lighting

Home theaters have become more than a luxurytheyre now a standard fixture even in average homes. The setups range from simple TV-and-speaker rooms to professional-grade cinemas, but they all point to the same trend: replacing the commercial movie theater with the comfort of ones own. But to make your home theater truly your own, it takes more than high-end gearit also needs a personal touch.

Decorating a home theater involves not just aesthetics, but also your overall viewing experience. From your choice of seating to your drapes and area rugs, your d├ęcor is what really puts the home in home theater. If youre just getting started, read on for some basic home theater decorating tips.

Lighting: Its important to have full Chiller control over lighting in a home theater. If you have bright walls or white area rugs, consider replacing them with darker colors to reduce reflectivity. Go for recessed lighting and wall-mounted sconcesthese eliminate the glare commonly made by overhead lights. Enhance your video by placing small key lights at the back of the screen. If possible, add a dimmer switch so you can set the lighting to suit your mood.

Flooring: Area rugs offer a homier feel than carpeting, but carpets may be a better choice if you have poor room acoustics. Place some wool area rugs under or in front of the seats to soften the look of your room. To add some color, look for colorful oriental area rugs or braided area rugs you can use as a focal point. If you like sitting on the floor, consider getting a shag rugits one of the most comfortable and stylish options on the market.

Seating: Many furniture stores now sell sectional sofas, which are basically two or more recliner chairs linked together. Leather and suede upholstery are the most popular, but if youre on a budget, you can also go for cotton, vinyl, or polyester. You can also check for added features such as push-button recline, heating, and cup-holder armrests. If you can, create a stadium seating setuparrange your seats in two to four rows, with the two rear rows slightly elevated.

Equipment: Most of your budget will probably go to audio and video equipment. Your home theater gear is both a personal and technical choice. If youre not that tech-savvy, have a professional check out your room and help you choose the right gear. The best display for most theaters is a drop-down projection screen; unfortunately, this is beyond most peoples budgets. A good alternative is a large standard television (LCD or plasma) with surround soundyou can build up your audio system later on.

Accessories: Home theater accessories add character to your room. Most video shops now carry decorative add-ons such as movie Water Cooled Evaporator posters, velvet drapes, and theater-style strip lights. Use red area rugs to create an old-school theater feel, or get a floor-to-ceiling shelf to show off your movie collection. Other popular accessories include mood lights, equipment cases, beverage coolers, and throw pillows.

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